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Sistem de conferinta Confidea Wireless

Confidea® is not just another wireless conference system.


The most significant leap forward compared to existing systems is that Confidea® has Multi-Band capability.


This means that it can work in the -in many cases congested- WiFi band, but also in higher license-free bands, above 5GHz. Working in these much-less occupied bands and using dedicated communication protocols result in a wireless link with a reliability and robustness never seen before in this type of product.


THE solution for multi-room applications The multi-band capability easily allows the operation of multiple systems in the same building, even if the WiFi band is already heavilly occupied.


► Access Point with integrated webserver The Confidea WCAP has an integrated webserver, allowing control and monitoring of the system from any PC with a standard internet browser.


► No central unit required for basic systems Basic systems should require basic equipment. Therefore, Confidea Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP) can act as a mini central unit. Thus eliminating the need for an additional, bulky and cost-increasing central unit.


► High battery autonomy The rechargeable batteries include Li-Ion cells which offer an autonomy of more than 20Hrs. They have no memory effect and do not have to be discharged before recharging.


► On-line battery monitoring Via the integrated webserver, battery condition can be monitored. This monitoring is non-intrusive and can hence be carried out without the delegates noticing.

Sistem de conferinta Confidea Wireless

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