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Moving Head A8 Tunable White

A8 Tunable White

The power-pack A8 is now also available with white LEDs. It is equipped with 37 multi-chip LEDs in the 15W class. Each multi-chip LED has two cold-white and two warm-white chips, which allow continuous adjustment of the colour temperature from 2800 Kelvin to 7500 Kelvin.


The enormous light output of the A8 is achieved by a combination of highly efficient optics, maximum packing density of the LEDs and the most advanced LED cooling system developed so far.
Furthermore, it has a very mature software solution for LED control. Continuous dim- ming with different dimming curves is the basis for comfortable working. Different modes allow flicker-free working in TV studios.

The A8 Tunable White is controlled via DMX wiring or the radio module integrated ex-works in combination with the Wireless TRX by JB-Lighting. Compared to con- ventional white-light sources, the A8 Tunable White has the great advantage that it is very compact, efficient, easy to handle and power efficient. In addition, it produces little waste heat and is thus particularly pleasant as front light e.g. for bands or during fashion shows.


Optics and light source

• Zoom system 4°-48° (4°-33°, measured at 1/2 peak; 8°-48° measured at 1/10th peak)

• Highly efficient lens system

• 37 RGBW multichip LEDs in the 15W class, each carrying two warm white and two cold white chips

• Hexagonal lens form for high density packing and compact design



• 450° Pan / 330° Tilt

• Separate CTC channel

• High-resolution steplessly variable dimmer 0% –100%

• Flickerfree performance due to flex mode

• Electronic strobe with pulse and random effects


• High-resolution three-phase stepper motors • Precise and fast movements

• Silent, ideal for noise-sensitive applications Control

• DMX 512

• Integrated DMX-in module for JB-Lighting Wireless DMX

• Illuminated graphics display, can be rotated electronically

• Stand-alone mode

Moving Head A8 Tunable White

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