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Moving Head Sparx 7- BeamWash

Novel and groundbreaking: the LED washlight Sparx 7 by JB-Lighting.

One can recognize at first glance that JB-Lighting breaks new ground with the shaping of light exit lenses. The design and the arrangement of the lenses produce a circular light beam requiring only small bars between the lenses. The optical impression emphasizes the state-of-the-art LED technology and is nonetheless a pleasing eye-catcher.

The Sparx 7 is equipped with 19 multi-chip RGBW LEDs in the 15W class and as a matter of course comes with the superior technology, which is characteristic of the A8 and the A12 washlights. This includes, inter alia, a unique cooling system allowing maximum power consumption at a minimum noise level, integrated radio DMX and 3phase stepper motors for real rapid and precise movements.

Another highlight has been added to the wide range of control options: there are various layers of patterns available which can be combined freely for unlimited color and pattern variations. This comes close to single chip control but requires only a fraction of DMX-channels.

The Sparx 7 is a compact and yet extremely bright washlight, well-designed and with high-quality optics. A washlight to be placed anytime in a prominent position in a stage set. The sparkle-channel creates a lovely starlike effect which looks amazing in camera view.


Optics and light source

• Zoom System 4°-40° (4 -30° at 1/2 peak, 8°-40° at 1/10 peak)

• Highly efficient lens system

• 19 RGBW multichip LED max. 15W

• Round beam without gaps between the lenses


• Various layers of patterns freely combinable for unlimited pattern/color combinations

• Separate CTC channel

• Optimized colour mixing performance

• High resolution, stepless dimmer 0–100%

• Colour true dimming

• Electronic strobe with pulse and random effects

• 450° Pan / 330° Tilt


• High resolution 3 phase stepping motors

• Precise and fast movement

• Low-noise, suitable for sound-sensitive applications

Moving Head Sparx 7- BeamWash

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